Cassava Sciences (SAVA): Game over!

Quintessential Capital Management is SHORT shares of SAVA

Executive Summary

  • We performed an in-depth study into Cassava Sciences (Nasdaq: SAVA), a $2.3bn biotech firm ostensibly developing Simufilam, a “disease modifying” drug for the treatment of Alzheimer Disease, currently in phase II of clinical trials.
  • Our in-depth investigation included: 
  • infiltration of undercover investigator into the Simufilam clinical research enrollment
    • conversations with former employees
    • surveillance of its research facilities 
    • background checks on the actors involved 
    • multiple expert opinions from industry leaders.
  • We are of the opinion that Cassava Sciences is a scheme orchestrated by management to enrich itself at the expense of shareholders, patients, and the US Federal Government
  • This alleged exercise in deception has taken place with the involvement of an astounding number of questionable characters
  • Cassava’s former Senior Clinical Research Associate is a convicted felon and a fraudster
    • Cassava’s main research site is owned by a highly controversial character and  crack addict 
    • Simufilam’s Principal Investigator has been recently hit by rare FDA warning letter
    • Cassava’s board member, Richard Barry, has been involved with multiple real or suspected frauds
    • Cassava’s CEO and CMO have been caught making allegedly fraudulent statements about Simufilam’s predecessor Remoxy 
  • Phase II trials have been conducted with serious irregularities which appear to have allowed management to deceive investors about the effectiveness of the drug. 
  • The much touted “cognitive improvement” appears to be the result of a combination of data forgery“cherry picking” of patients and statistical manipulation of data, for which we have plenty of disturbing new evidence.
  • If our allegations are substantiated, Cassava’s behavior might constitute securities fraud, FDA fraud and a violation of the False Claims Act: we have alerted all relevant federal institutions which have received a copy of this report. 
  • The consequences of federal enforcement and lawsuits for management and shareholders alike would be terminal. 

We believe that Cassava’s equity is correspondingly worthless, and we assign it a target price of 0 (zero).


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