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IMPORTANT: After completing the presentation, we have found out that one death out of 18 was related to the JetD device rather than to the Jet 7. So, unlike the number appearing in the presentation, our best understanding of the number of deaths appearing on the Maude database is 17, not 18. The Maude database, on which part of this research is based, contains unstructured data, is notoriously imprecise and occasionally contains duplicates. However, we believe that it provides a good starting point to assess the safety record of a medical device. Likewise, a third-party consultant sets the number of injuries at 35 rather than 39 as in the presentation. Again these discrepancies are due to the Maude format and unstructured data. We made our best effort to provide figures that are as close to reality as possible, but warn the reader that discrepancies may exist despite our best effort. We do not believe that any such discrepancy would materially change the overall picture.