Quintessential is SHORT shares of Penumbra, inc (PEN)

Executive Summary

  • Large portion of scientific literature produced by Penumbra appears authored by fake character in sophisticated, multi-year deception
  • Fake character seems fabricated by Penumbra’s management attempting to hide involvement in research with significant undisclosed conflicts of interest
  • Conflicted research used extensively to market products to healthcare providers, to support FDA applications and to promote stock in IPO
  • Legal advisers: behavior, if confirmed, may constitute serious fraud threatening revocation of FDA clearances, SEC enforcement and litigation from clients
  • QCM legal team filed detailed reports with allegations of misconduct with FDA, SEC and other institutions urging thorough investigation
  • Deceptive behavior would point to lack of integrity unworthy of management leading $10bn healthcare company and may explain Jet7 crisis leading to multiple deaths, injuries
  • QCM calls on Adam Elsesser, Arani Bose to resign at once if allegations confirmed
  • Situation constitutes existential threat to Penumbra’s viability as a public company